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We are Friends of the planet

Our products use LED light source, so they are more efficient and consume less power. LED technology is more ecological, free of mercury, with an easier recycling process. They do not emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation harmful to health.


We are industry and Colombian capital, creating, innovating and developing lighting systems, generating sensations in different environments of our daily life. 

We take care of the design, manufacture, supply and monitoring of projects, through advice, close and professional support with our clients, committing ourselves to their challenges and successes.


We take advantage of state-of-the-art machinery technology, with a highly qualified human team and the support of the best brands in the world in electronic development. As a result, we deliver high lm/wts performance, high color rendering, lower maintenance costs and long life expectancy of the projects.


Stand out in the development of cutting-edge designs with a creative, modern and architectural approach; covering markets with high aesthetic and functional demand through innovative proposals.


All our products have a RETILAP certificate endorsed by Certecnica and intertek with current annual monitoring, we also have UL & ETL (C, US).

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We have high quality equipment that allows us to carry out photometry, colorimetry, parameter measurement and temperature elevation tests, which allows us to validate that all our products meet quality standards and also allows us to make constant improvements to our products. and develop new products.


We carry out personalized lighting designs, providing professional advice on each project following the stipulated parameters of each sector, offering quality service.


We have
  presence at level   


Funza, Cundinamarca


7 countries

Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala,
Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia
and Dominican Republic

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